Office Open XML Part 2 - Open Packaging Conventions WD3.6; the deadline for feedback is 2018-09-26

Rex Jaeschke rex at
Wed Sep 19 18:38:04 CEST 2018

I have completed my action items w.r.t the next WD of OPC, which is

Murata-san, you now own this spec. Your action items on this include the

1.	Set up the Zoom-based teleconference for 2018-11-01 and provide the
URL to Rex ASAP.
2.	Provide the text for “The major changes from the previous edition
3.	§, “Relationships Parts Related to Digital Signature Markup”:
Add here some text and an example that shows the package relationship.
4.	To Annex E add a new table of namespaces for Core Properties.
5.	See Word comments for Questions re links, among other things.

Other WG4 members, you might care to look over all the Reviewer Instructions
and the OPC-text changes we made since the previous draft.

Caroline had requested we improve a set of three figures, which I have done
to her satisfaction. I also restored an edited version of a diagram, as we
agreed last week.

Please post any corrections/questions to this list, so they can be factored
in to the final draft we make available to reviewers.


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