Draft minutes of teleconference meeting on 2010-12-08

Francis Cave francis at franciscave.com
Thu Dec 9 18:16:19 CET 2010

Dear members of WG 6


I attach draft minutes of yesterday's teleconference meeting.


Please note that the following actions that involve all members of WG 6:


With reference to agenda item 5.4, you are encouraged to participate in the
forthcoming final public review period on ODF v1.2. This is expected to
start in the course of the next week or so. Look out for announcements on
the ODF TC home page at


I would like to canvass your opinions about the timing of future
teleconference meetings. Yesterday's meeting was unusually at 23:00 UTC, to
enable participation by experts attending the SC 34 Working Group meetings
in Beijing this week. Our regular time is 14:00 UTC, but this is very early
for several experts who regularly participate in meetings and are based on
the west coast of the USA, 8 hours behind UTC. Would members, especially
those in Asia, be prepared to tolerate a move of the start time to 14:30?
Meetings generally last approximately one hour, so the finish time would
then be 15:30 UTC, which is 00:30 in Japan at present. When daylight saving
is in operation during the northern hemisphere's summer months, the meeting
would be an hour earlier for those NOT affected by daylight saving. I await
your views with interest. 


Please also note that the next teleconference meeting of WG 6 will be on
2011-01-05. The start time will be announced nearer the time, but will be
either 14:00 or 14:30.


Francis Cave




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