Identifying the locations of errata/corrigenda changes

Francis Cave francis at
Mon Jan 11 01:10:34 CET 2010


Thanks for working on your weekend! :o)

> I wonder if the "replace 'x' with 'y'" approach could be simplified,
> even
> improved somewhat, in many cases by using revision marking, showing how
> to
> start with 'x' and transform it to 'y' by strike-outs for the removals
> and
> underscores beneath the insertions.  It appears that we have the
> technology.

That is more or less what Rex Jaeschke has been doing in preparing
Corrigenda for IS 29500. See, for example, SC 34 N 1358. Rex checked with
the ISO editors, and they are happy with this approach.

> Conveying such changes in plaintext would take some additional
> conventions,
> as when discussing a change in an e-mail or as part of a JIRA issue.
> We
> already have similar needs to show font changes, emphasis, and so on
> when
> using plaintext.  There are a variety of conventions available for it
> showing such features in plaintext.  (Something like wikiMarkup would
> work
> and tends to avoid creating something with angle brackets that is
> confusing
> for some list-archive servers and for mechanical transformation to
> HTML.)
> On first blush, it seems to me that we have the technology.  As we've
> just
> seen here, PDF can carry such formatting without serious difficulty.

I'm sure we could do something along these lines.

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