Identifying the locations of errata/corrigenda changes

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Thanks to the lead from Frances Cave, I looked at the Corrigenda and FPDAM
documents for IS 29500.  They set a very useful precedent for using
revision-marking as a way to assist in (1) locating where a change applies,
(2) seeing the change that is being made, and (3) forming an updated version
of the specification text, as desired. 

It appears that the use of tables for OASIS ODF Errata would still work (on
the model of ODF 1.0 Errata 01), with, for example, 

 1. section location in the first column, 
 2. refinement of the location in a second column, 
 3. revision-marked text in the main, third column (unless a different
approach is needed because of the nature of the change), and 
 4. a column that identifies the defect-report item and any OASIS ODF JIRA

It is interesting that there are three kinds of special marking:
 1. Strikethrough (and color) for text that is stricken
 2. Underlining (and color) for text that is added
 3. Double-underlining (and color) for text that changes in format.  (This
seems very useful when a change involves switching between the text font and
a monospace font or other textual feature such as bold, italic, etc.)

As part of transposition to final IS 26300 Corrigenda documents, the ending
column with key to Defect Reports and JIRA Issues could simply be deleted.
It could remain in the OASIS Errata document and also in the transposition
to a Corrigenda document reviewed at SC34 [WG6].

I recommend review of the initial text and sample entries in the following

  SC34 N1358 Final text for 29500-4:2008/COR1 
  SC34 N1251 29500-4:2008/FPDAM1
  SC34 N1246 29500-1:2008/FPDAM1

The key elements that we should be able to adapt consist of 

 1. the "Notational Conventions" section, 
 2. something like the Introduction (at JTC1, removed from the final
Corrigendum), and 
 3. notes explaining where the referenced defect-report items and JIRA
issues can be found.

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> I wonder if the "replace 'x' with 'y'" approach could be simplified,
> even
> improved somewhat, in many cases by using revision marking, showing how
> to
> start with 'x' and transform it to 'y' by strike-outs for the removals
> and
> underscores beneath the insertions.  It appears that we have the
> technology.

That is more or less what Rex Jaeschke has been doing in preparing
Corrigenda for IS 29500. See, for example, SC 34 N 1358. Rex checked with
the ISO editors, and they are happy with this approach.

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