Calling in to the SC34 WG6 Meetings

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Oops, CET is UTC+1 on 03-25.  So I subtracted from the wrong value to get to

I need to be on the call at 06:00 PDT.  And the 3-26 session starts at 01:00
for me.  Yes indeed.  

That makes having everything I need for the first session by the day before
of greater concern.

 - Dennis

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It occurs to me that I am the only member of the OASIS Liaison to WG6 that
will be in UTC-0700 on the occasion of the SC34 WG6 sessions in Stockholm.

Is it possible to know the call-in arrangements by 03-24, since the meeting
starts at 07:00 my time on 03-25?  It would also help to have all
electronically-available materials the day before as well.

I will endeavor to call in for the morning session on 03-26, although it
will depend on my ability to sleep well-enough between the first and second
sessions and then stay awake [;<).  

I will be happy to discover at the end of the first session that attending
the second session is unimportant to me.  I will forego staying awake for
the plenary in either case.


 - Dennis

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