Calling in to the SC34 WG6 Meetings

Francis Cave francis at
Sun Mar 21 12:46:59 CET 2010

Dennis and all

Two main points:

1) Sorry not to have yet got notes out on last Wednesday's call. These
should be circulated later today (Sunday).

2) I have not received any dial-in instructions yet from ISO, so cannot yet
confirm the number to use. I expect to receive an answer from ISO tomorrow,
so you should receiving notification tomorrow.

I will set up a web presentation for the Thursday afternoon session, for
which you will receive separate access instructions. I will investigate an
alternative to GoToMeeting for those using Linux-based PCs. 

As indicated when the draft agenda for the Stockholm meeting was first
distributed, my hope is that all business in Stockholm that requires
DECISIONS by the Working Group can be completed during the Thursday
afternoon session, so that Dennis and others won't feel obliged to lose a
night's sleep participating in the Friday morning session. The Friday
morning session can be devoted to technical work, including preparations for
the Amendment project.

Francis Cave
Convenor, WG 6

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> Oops, CET is UTC+1 on 03-25.  So I subtracted from the wrong value to
> get to
> UTC-0700.
> I need to be on the call at 06:00 PDT.  And the 3-26 session starts at
> 01:00
> for me.  Yes indeed.
> That makes having everything I need for the first session by the day
> before
> of greater concern.
>  - Dennis
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> It occurs to me that I am the only member of the OASIS Liaison to WG6
> that
> will be in UTC-0700 on the occasion of the SC34 WG6 sessions in
> Stockholm.
> Is it possible to know the call-in arrangements by 03-24, since the
> meeting
> starts at 07:00 my time on 03-25?  It would also help to have all
> electronically-available materials the day before as well.
> I will endeavor to call in for the morning session on 03-26, although
> it
> will depend on my ability to sleep well-enough between the first and
> second
> sessions and then stay awake [;<).
> I will be happy to discover at the end of the first session that
> attending
> the second session is unimportant to me.  I will forego staying awake
> for
> the plenary in either case.
> Regards,
>  - Dennis
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