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Dennis E. Hamilton dennis.hamilton at acm.org
Mon May 23 01:52:22 CEST 2011

I'm so far behind my original time-line for producing a Committee Draft of ODF 1.1 Errata 01 that I am  afraid to look at it.  I will be doing some back-of-the-envelope calculations on what the effort is per errata item, but I am already certain it is not pretty. 

To support the convergence with Amd1, I am looking for known items that need to be brought forward as review comments on Amd1 first.

Meanwhile, I have uploaded some sketchy trial documents for the purpose of confirming the format and approach.  If you go to the location identified in the attachment, you will see that there are three forms of an ODF 1.1 Errata 01 test-sketch to choose from.

As part of putting together the sketch I also included a couple of known errata items that are tied to AMD1 considerations.

One of those is an unexpected defect in COR1 that I caught because it appears in the first COR1 correction.  I am not sure whether this can be handled by a comment on AMD1, but it needs to be handled somehow.

 - Dennis

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This is a skeletal trial for ODF 1.1 Errata 01.  It is designed to illustrate the approach and the expected sections.  It is also used to confirm that the creation of instructions in a change-marked style works properly.  In addition, this test version is used to verify that the required alternative PDF and HTML files can be produced reliably-enough.

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