FW: ISO announces Webex for web, voice, and video conferencing

Francis Cave francis at franciscave.com
Fri May 27 14:25:19 CEST 2011

Dear members of WG 6


Please see the announcement below, that ISO is switching their web
conferencing service from Citrix GoToMeeting to Cisco Webex. I believe that
Webex is to be preferred, as the client software will work with Linux as
well as Windows and Mac OS X. This was not the case with GoToMeeting, which
only worked with Windows and Mac OS X.


Our next teleconference meeting scheduled for 2011-06-22 will need to
consider the results of the FPDAM ballot on the draft Amendment. It may be
very useful to be able to share a view of various documents and could
provide a good opportunity to test the use of the Webex service.


I would be interested to receive your views on whether or not we should test
this new service at our next meeting.


Francis Cave

Convenor, WG 6




From: Anne MIAUTON [mailto:MIAUTON at iso.org] 
Sent: 27 May 2011 10:54
To: Cave Francis Mr.
Subject: ISO announces Webex for web, voice, and video conferencing


Dear colleagues,


It is with pleasure that ISO announces the availability of our new web,
voice, and video conferencing service based on Cisco's Webex. Webex replaces
our previous service which was based on Citrix's GoToMeeting with a
different audio provider. This new service is more flexible, yet easier to
use. For example, you are now able to schedule and host your own web
meetings without the need to contact ISO's TC support. Audio conferencing is
fully integrated into the service so you have more choices than before.
Webex also offers support for Linux and smartphones as well as the option to
incorporate video conferencing into your meetings. We are excited to offer
this service free of charge (including toll-free calls and free callbacks)
for use in your ISO-related standards development work.


For those who have already scheduled upcoming meetings with GoToMeeting,
please note that ISO will continue to offer GoToMeeting in parallel through
September 2011. We hope that this overlapping period will help you make a
smooth transition from our old web conferencing service to the new one.


An e-mail will be sent to you soon with your new ISO Webex login and
temporary password. More information about the service can be found here
<https://connect.iso.org/x/lQBU> . Any questions you have about ISO's web
conferencing system may also be addressed to webconferencing at iso.org. We
look forward to helping you get started with this new service.


With kind regards,

ISO Web Conferencing Support


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