Postponement of teleconference meeting / WG 6 on ISO eCommittees platform

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Wed Jun 4 02:39:56 CEST 2014

Dear members of WG 6


Postponement of teleconference meeting


In the minutes of the teleconference meeting on 2014-04-16 it was announced
that the next teleconference meeting would be today, 2014-06-04, at 13:30
UTC. You will probably be aware that there has been no further announcement
or reminder about this meeting and no agenda has been circulated. This is
due to limited progress on Working Group business since the last
teleconference meeting, meaning that there is very little business to be


I have prepared a final working draft of IS 26300 DCOR 3, taking into
account the comments in the ballot (from the US National Body). The only
change in this draft is to correct the ZIP reference at the end of the draft
to coincide with the reference in ODF v1.2, i.e. to the PKWARE Inc appnote.
I reproduce the change here:


Appendix B, "References", p. 709

[ZIP] Info-ZIP Application Note 970311,,
1997APPNOTE.TXT - .ZIP File Format Specification" Version 6.2.0,



I am awaiting confirmation from the OASIS ODF TC that they are happy with
this correction.


A new date for the next teleconference meeting will be proposed after
consultation with ODF TC representatives.


I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this postponement.


WG 6 on ISO eCommittees platform


Members should be aware that, in line with decisions taken by the ISO TMB
and confirmed by JTC 1, I am working with the SC 34 Secretariat to establish
a separate working area for WG 6 on the ISO eCommittees platform. This will
mean that official documents, including agendas, minutes and working drafts
will be available from a WG 6 area on eCommittees, and those that have
restricted circulation (as defined by the ISO Directives) will only be
accessible to WG 6 experts who have been registered in the ISO Global
Directory by a National Body Member or Liaison Member of SC 34. Please
advise me if you believe that this will cause you difficulties in accessing
WG 6 documents, and I will do what I can to assist you in resolving such


Kind regards,


Francis Cave


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