WG 6 documents now available via ISOTC portal

Francis Cave francis at franciscave.com
Mon Jun 16 12:40:38 CEST 2014

Dear members of SC 34/WG 6


In future all official WG 6 documents will be available through the ISOTC
(eCommittees) portal. These can be accessed in a web browser as follows:


1.       Go to the SC 34 Committee home page
se&viewType=1> &objId=8913149&objAction=browse&viewType=1)

2.       In the Navigation Menu on the left click on 'Child Committees',
then click on 'ISO/IEC JTC 001/SC 34/WG 06 'OpenDocument Format''.

3.       In the Navigation Menu on the left click on 'N-Documents List' to
obtain a list of WG 6 documents.


Alternatively, you can go directly to the WG 6 home page
se)> &objId=8912732&objAction=browse), then select 'N-Documents List' from
the Navigation Menu.


Note that all WG 6 document have now been assigned a WG 6 N document number.
Currently the documents are numbered 1-99. All these documents were
previously available from the SC 34 document repository, and remain
available with their original SC 34 N document number. New documents added
to the WG 6 document repository will only be allocated SC 34 N document
numbers if the documents are addressed to SC 34 Committee members and not
purely to WG 6 experts.


It is necessary to login to the ISOTC portal to access all WG 6 documents.
If you are not logged in, you will only be able to see those documents whose
access type is public. Many documents, such as ballot results, have a
"defined" access type (see the ISO/IEC Directives) and can only be viewed or
downloaded by WG6 expert members who are registered in the ISO Global
Directory. If you are affiliated to a National Body member of SC 34, your
National Body must arrange your registration in the Global Directory, and
you should contact them without delay to arrange this, if you have not
already done so. If you are not affiliated to a National Body, but are
affiliated to a Liaison Member of SC 34, such as OASIS or Ecma, please
confirm your affiliation and I will arrange with the SC 34 Secretariat for
you to be registered.


Please don't hesitate to contact me if any of the above is unclear.


Kind regards,


Francis Cave


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