The +zip convention for media types derived from ZIP

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I find this to be an interesting idea.

I take it that you are suggesting an IETF RFC be proposed on Zip Media Types that includes the basic Zip media types (whatever they need to be) and also establishes the "+zip" suffix for media types and updates the registration process.

I notice that we may need to reconcile with 

application/zip based on a submission made on 1993-07-20.  (The APPNOTE for version 6.2.0 is dated 2004-04-26.)

 - Dennis

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Subject: The +zip convention for media types derived from ZIP

Dear colleagues,

There is a convention "+xml" for media types for specific XML vocabularies.
It is documented by RFC 3023.

On the other hand, although EPUB already uses "application/epub+zip",
the "+zip" convention has not been established in IETF and thus this
media type has not been registered.  Ned Freed wrote: "My main concern
with the +zip case is whether or not "zip" is sufficiently well defined. "

Since the NWIP was approved (SC34 N1661), I think that we should try.


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