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Fri Jul 9 03:01:41 CEST 2010


> *         We then go straight to FDAM, without an FPDAM.
> Norbert, I think you were the biggest proponent of having an FPDAM before an 
>FDAM but, if I understand right, you seemed to be happy just going to
>FDAM as long as there was a draft circulated early, and NBs were made
>aware of that fact. Am I reading your feelings correctly?

You probably meant FPDAM when you wrote FDAM, and meant 
PDAM when you wrote FPDAM.  In my understanding of the the 
old process:

PDAM  -- (3 month ballot in SC34) --->
  FPDAM  --- (4 month ballot in SC34) -->
      FDAM --- (2 month combined-ballot in JTC1)


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