DRs 10-0022 and DR 10-0024

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These two DRs are very closely related - I'm hoping I can simplify the issue by discussing them together.

DR 10-0022 notes that the pic element is optional in transitional, but required in strict, and proposes homogenising those.
DR 10-0024 notes that the spid attribute [on the parent of pic] is required in transitional but not present in strict, and proposes homogenising those.

Background info

These constructs are the VML and DrawingML equivalents of one another respectively. Here is some background info:

1. An inserted object needs a picture to display on the slide. In transitional docs, this is specified by either the pic element or the spid attribute. The spid attribute specifies a VML shape. Note that one and only one of these two must be present, not both or neither (this is not clear from the spec).

2. [DR 10-0022] The strict version doesn't support VML, so only the pic option is available. This must be present. We can't change the transitional version either since documents currently in transitional may use the spid option.

3. [DR 10-0024] This is indeed an error in the spec.

Proposed solutions

DR 10-0022: I think the possible resolutions for DR 10-0022 are either allowing VML in Strict (ha, ha, ha) or preventing DrawingML in Transitional (which I'd prefer not to do). So I'd like to close this DR without action.

DR 10-0024: We should accept the resolution of this DR by making the spid attribute optional. However, we need to make clear that the spid and pic are mutually exclusive. We can't do this in xsd schema, I believe (it's an attribute versus an element) so I'm proposing we do it in the text. Murata-san, if there's a way we can do this better in RNG, then we should think about incorporating it there.

I've attached the changes for 10-0024.

Your thoughts,

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