Extraneous AMD2 conference call next week

Chris Rae Chris.Rae at microsoft.com
Thu Nov 18 22:25:43 CET 2010

Rex et al -

As you know, we have an extra WG4 conference call scheduled for next Tuesday. The intent of this was to introduce the final text of Amendment 2 to WG4 and circulate it.

Unfortunately, my fellow editor Gareth has unexpectedly been hit by a large volume of work in his real job, and I'm sorry to say that we will not have a final text of Amendment 2 to circulate on Tuesday. I our work so far, Gareth has taken always taken the role of detail reviewing, and so neither of us are comfortable distributing the Amendment until Gareth has had a last chance to look at it in detail. I will say that the text is very close to being final - many of you have reviewed earlier drafts, and I hope it's clear from those that we're very near to being ready.

I hope that we'll have final text by the time of the Beijing face-to-face meeting - if Gareth's workload doesn't show signs of improving, Gareth and I will work to enlist a further project editor to help with this last stretch.

I propose, therefore, that we cancel this extra conference call, unless anyone feels strongly that we should have it. I think we'll have enough time to deal with defect reports in Beijing, so I personally don't feel we need an extra call.

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