Status of the DRs addressed at the Prague meeting

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Wed Feb 8 19:32:01 CET 2012

During the recent Ecma TC45 meeting, Caroline Arms requested that after each
WG4 meeting I distribute a brief summary of the status of DRs processed in
that meeting, so members can see important information without having to
wade through pages of meeting minutes. Below is that summary for this week's
meeting in Prague.

DR 09-0040, "WML/DML: Complex scripts": Close to being closed
DR 09-0059, "DML, Main: Relationship between the symbol font and Symbol
character set": Will be closed automatically when 09-0040 is closed.
DR 09-0060, "WML, Fonts: Names should be registered at IANA": Actively
resolving this.
DR 09-0061, "Shared MLs, Shared Simple Types: Constrain ST_Panose value
set": Re-opened this one.
DR 09-0295, "WML: gridCols measurement units": Closed without action.
DR 10-0018, "General: missing normative reference": Solution known with
details yet to be written up.
DR 10-0043, "OPC: Non-ambiguity of DC identifiers": Closed in REV2. 
DR 11-0001, "SML: Failures to specify measurement units explicitly": Closed
without action.
DR 11-0008, "WML: Kihon-hanmen-based page design": Ready to close pending
approval from East Asian NBs.
DR 11-0009, "WML: The margin specified in the w:pgMar element and the margin
in effect": Active
DR 11-0010, "WML: The number of characters per line": Active
DR 11-0011, "WML: The number of lines per page": Active
DR 11-0030, "OPC:  Obsolete version of W3C XML Digital Signature 1.0": Open,
DR 11-0031, "OPC: Use official RELAX NG schemas from W3C": Open, REV2
DR 12-0001, "OPC: Correct Spelling of "relationship part": Solution know;
Open, REV2
DR 12-0002, "DML: Missing preset shape guide values": Closed in COR3
DR 12-0003, "PML: Underspecified coordinate spaces for animation formulas":
Closed in COR3


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