DR-16-0009: Pushback from Charlie after WG4 agreed to close this without action

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Thank you very much for your contributions to WG4.  I hope
that you continue to submit DRs even if our dispositions
do not always make you happy.

First, I think that the schema is unnecessarily loose here.  Ideally,
the schema should have been as tight as the prose restriction.
(In general, schemas cannot capture all restrictions in prose.  But
in this particular case, the schema can.)

Nevertheless, I do not think that this is a defect.   If a programmer
read both the prose and schema, the only reasonable interpretation
is that versions are of the form XX.YYYY.  I do not think that this
(arguably poor) design choice will make two conformant implementations
fail to interwork.  Fixing a poor design choice is an extension.  Not a
defect correction.


2016-12-14 22:15 GMT+09:00 Rex Jaeschke <rex at rexjaeschke.com>:

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> Am .12.2016, 18:55 Uhr, schrieb Rex Jaeschke <rex at rexjaeschke.com>:
> Hi Rex,
> I'm slightly confused by this. The suggestion was to remove an unrealistic
> normative assertion from the narrative description of the specification. I
> don't see how this can be interpreted as an extension. The important thing
> is that the descriptive and formal parts of the standard are in agreement
> wherever possible and here they most definitely are not.
> The solutions I proposed:
>         1) update the schema to match the description
>         2) mark the current normative aspect of the description as
> exemplary
>         3) remove the normative aspect of the description as it is
> misleading
> Can you explain how any of these can be considered as an extension?
> Charlie
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