DR 16-0011: WML: Style Hierarchy, Possible Contradiction proposal

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If I've understood the product team's response correctly, this would imply
that the diagram in L.1.8.10 is correct but the diagram in 17.7.2 is
incorrect. The text immediately below the diagram in 17.7.2 appears to
contradict the diagram, but agree with L.1.8.10, which is consistent with
the product team's response. So I think this can most easily be resolved
simply by replacing the diagram in 17.7.2 with a copy of the diagram in


However, the easy approach is not necessarily the best approach. The text in
L.1.8.10 seems to duplicate almost precisely the text in 17.7.2. The only
differences are that in 17.7.2 the process is represented by a bulleted
list, and the final paragraph of 17.7.2 is omitted from L.1.8.10. This
highlights the main danger of this kind of repetition: that contradictions
can creep in. Ideally we should eliminate L.1.8.10, or at least make it a
simple reference to 17.7.2.






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Hi Rex,


I'm not sure who submitted this DR.

Response from the product team:


To summarize, the original complaint is that there's a discrepancy between
Section 17.7.2 and Annex L 1.8.10. The question is what is the correct
ordering when applying styles for paragraphs and numbering. 


I've attached ListAndParaStylesTest.docx. I believe this document shows that
paragraph styles are applied after (override) numbering styles. In other
words, I believe Annex L 1.8.10 is correct- the picture and the text in that
section are consistent and correct. 


To prove this, my test document has a paragraph style I defined called
"CameronParaStyle" (at the bottom of the styles.xml part).  This style
applies an indent of 120 (.08")and also specifies a numbering style of "1".
At the bottom of numbering.xml, you can see the number style with the id of
1 uses abstractNumId of 0. Looking at abstractNumId 0 (at the top of
numbering.xml), you can see we specify an indent of 2880 (2.0"). 


This means we have a paragraph style and a numbering style both being
applied to the first paragraph. When we view this document in Word, we see
the indent for the first paragraph is .08", not 2", which shows the
paragraph style overrode the numbering style. 




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