Errors in Part 1's Normative References

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Fri May 13 22:03:37 CEST 2016

Great catch, Caroline!

In Normative References, I changed "29500-3:2011" to "29500-3:2015". I also removed the explicit ":2015" from "29500-3:2015" in two places in the new text we added to the opening paragraph of Clause 10.

And just above that, 

In Normative References, I also changed "29500-2:2011" to "29500-2:2012", as that is also an out-of-date reference.


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Thanks.  Not surprisingly, I'm happy with that!

Just noticed that the normative reference to 29500-3 is the 2011 version in my copy of the new Part 1.  Can we update that at this point?  Maybe that was caught earlier.

   Thanks again.   Caroline

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