My proposed fix for the table-cell-border-to-PDF rendering problem

Rex Jaeschke rex at
Fri May 13 23:12:00 CEST 2016

In recent feedback on Part 1, Murata-san wrote, "I reported discrepancies
between figures in the PDF version of the

consolidated Part 1 and those in the Word version.  Most of them are not
real, but are caused by a non-acrobat PDF reader and my XSLT

script that extracts figures and tables. 


However, two of them are real.  The figures in 17.4.22 17.4.24 of the PDF
version and those in the word version do look different.  I guess

that this difference is caused by a bug of MS Word.  We can address this
issue by creating small images for the example tables, but

I am wondering if we can do so as part of this consolidation."



The tables currently use the doubleWave border style; however, when I render
PDF directly from MS Word, the result doesn't look much like the original,
which is Murata-san's point.


It seems to me that we really don't care just what border style is used
here; we just need something to demonstrate the insideH and insideV
elements. So I tried some other border styles until I found one that is easy
to distinguish and also renders correctly to PDF; it is thickThinSmallGap.


Attached is a demo Word document with the two subclauses in question redone
with this new border style and with corresponding changes to the generated
XML. Also attached is the PDF rendering. 


Murata-san, are you happy with this solution?




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