My proposed fix for the colored-box-contrast problem

Rex Jaeschke rex at
Fri May 13 23:23:34 CEST 2016

In recent feedback on Part 1, Caroline wrote, "Item 248 doesn't match Cor. 1
in the color for the third diagram. Looking at Cor. 1 and the 2012 standard,
what you have done looked OK to me -- for color and for layout.  However,
looking at the DR, I see that one complaint was the illegibility of the
black text against the blue background.  Perhaps it makes sense to use a
lighter shade of blue.  Or use the green as in Cor. 1."


I responded to her, "I don't have the original artwork, so did the best I
could at the time with this without resorting to redrawing the figure. That
said, I'll take another shot at it."


I finally gave up trying to change the existing art and drew a new one.
Attached are my Word and PDF versions of this, where the third box now has a
yellow background.


Is this good enough, Caroline?




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