DR-17-0010: VML: Attribute examples

Rex Jaeschke rex at RexJaeschke.com
Fri Apr 7 20:15:08 CEST 2017

In private mail to Murata-san back in January, I identified the following
three options for addressing this DR, listed here in increasing amount of

1.	Do nothing. [No effort]
2.	Look at each of the 300+ examples and change them to have the
appropriate parent element. [Some effort]
3.	Look at removing the duplicate specification of all these
attributes, by putting them in their own subclause and having the parent
elements point there. (As I think there are other attribute groups used in
multiple contexts, this option wouldn't make sense unless one
rearranged/consolidated all such groups.) [A big effort]

As indicated in the DR log, Murata-san supports Option #3.

After considerable discussion with MS experts, I and MS favor Option #1. As
is, the spec is good enough even if it's not strictly correct; in any event,
examples are informative, not normative. No implementer has reported this as
a problem, so it's not holding up anyone w.r.t conformance, and we presume
new implementers aren't implementing Transitional stuff. We have more
important issues to deal with, so we propose closing this DR without action.


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