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> I still don't understand what "within two lines" means. Is there some text that can be referenced to help explain this? (or is this clear enough to others?)

Take a look at:

To an implementer of this feature for Chinese or Japanese text I think 
the meaning is clear.

The W3C document does not use section numbers so search for "Kumimoji 
and warichu".

Or see the W3C Note on Japanese Text Layout which describes Warichu as:

> Warichu <> (inline cutting note) is 
> a type of inline notation, where two lines of small characters are 
> inserted into the text. Warichu divides a line into two sub lines. The 
> frequency of use of the inline cutting note is not so high. However, 
> the inline cutting note is very important for study guides, travel 
> guides, reference books, encyclopedias and manuals, because it is very 
> effective for inserting notes at the point in the text where they are 
> needed (see [Fig.143] <>). 
> Inline cutting note is usually used in vertical writing mode 
> <>. It is very 
> infrequently used in horizontal writing mode 
> <>. (Section 3.4.1)

I don't think "two sub lines" is any more informative than the text we 
have now.

It is something that you would implement if and only if you already 
understood it from cultural context or being advised by someone who 
understood the cultural context.

Hope you are having a great day!


PS: I highly recommend reading in detail the Requirements for Japanese 
Text Layout. Not something that is explicitly addressed in ODF 1.2, but 
I think it needs to be the focus of collaborative effort for the next 
versions of both ODF and OOXML. Reaching similar mechanisms ahead of 
time will make harmonization much easier when new versions appear.
> - Alex.
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