REMINDER AND DRAFT AGENDA - Teleconference meeting of WG 6, 2010-06-23 at 13:00 UTC

Alex Brown alexb at
Wed Jun 23 14:22:39 CEST 2010

Patrick hi

Thanks, I will defer then to experts on CJK typography :-)

> PS: I highly recommend reading in detail the Requirements for Japanese Text Layout.
>  Not something that is explicitly addressed in ODF 1.2, but I think it needs to be the focus
> of collaborative effort for the next versions of both ODF and OOXML. Reaching similar
>  mechanisms ahead of time will make harmonization much easier when new versions appear. 

Yes, at the just-finished Helsinki SC 34 meetings in Helsinki WG 4 got a look at the draft of the NWIP that JP is planning to submit on introducing such extensions for ISO/IEC 29500.

I agree a "collaborative effort" here (as elsewhere) would be worthwhile ...

- Alex.

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